Day by day i miss you so

You have to go my love

Where a ship so far away

You don’t tell that will return

Before the autum comes

Every day i dream of you

In my dream a little seagulls

Flying through the darkness night

Searching for some teardrops in the win

With the ship of lonely loveless

I sail over seven seas, try to find the captain of my heart


I sail over seven seas

To find to your heart

I sail through the darkness night

I sail to your heart

A sail over seven seas

To find to your heart

I sail with the winter night

Oh alone in the dark

I don’t fear the stormy night

And night don’t feel too cold

All because i miss you so

In the distance i can see

The island of my home

Oh i like to be with you



Published in: on 25 Juli 2007 at 11:22 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. halo mba firaa,,, ahaha blognya keren… saia jadi teringat seseorang,,, suami mba pelaut ya,,, ahaha ditinggal terus dong,,, folow fb aqu ya mba atas nama indarty yulis setyawati,,, thanks mba

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